80% of businesses that are hit by a Critical Incident





How would your business cope if YOU:

Couldn’t access the premises for more than a day or two
Lost access to IT/communication systems
Were cut off from energy or water for more than a few hours
Suffered a major health and safety incident
Suffered damage to your corporate image/reputation


Would yours be one of the 80% that failed or would you be in the 20% that survived and prospered. The difference between the two will depend on the action you take now because research shows the organisations that survive are the ones who have planned.for an incident and how to manage it.

Imagine driving back to the office after a business meeting and as you turn into the road you see the fire engines outside your building, hoses run out firemen urgently doing their job, your staff huddled together on the pavement near by. What are you going to do? What do you need to do to keep you company in business? How are going to manage the situation so that all that needs to be done gets done?

When the crisis has struck its is not the best time to be thinking about contingency planning. Maintaining business continuity in the face of a critical incident requires a plan and a different management structure to the on you use in everyday operations. Critical incidents tn to be fast moving, complex, an require multiple strands of action to be undertaken, simultaneously, experience has shown that normal management structures just cannot cope with the demands.

Research carried out by the Chartered Management Institute showed that less than half of all businesses with less than 50 employees have done any sort of planing for dealing with critical incident, and 38% of all large organisations have no plan.

Chiltington Associates includes people who have managed critical incidents in the real world (as with all our training and consultancy we only ever use people who have been there and done it) and they have prepared a series of articles to help you get your planning up to speed.


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